Friday, June 10, 2011


Here are two gazebos that will be going into the Japanese garden! :D

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Japanese Garden WIP

So I was unsure what I should add to my portfolio.  My current demo reel lacks two things: A cartoon environment, and an organic environment.  So after going to a Japanese garden recently, I decided to model a garden.  It should give me a wide variety of things to create. Fish, trees, pagodas, rocks, and lots of other cool things.

This is my first installment of what I have started creating. 

Small decorative house on a rock.  (pretty much speaks for itself, lol)

A stone pagoda statue

 This might be the only thing that need an explanation (in case you have never been to a Japanese garden)  This is a bamboo rocking fountain.  When the bamboo tube is filled with enough water it will tip into the bowl and empty, after which it returns to the top of the fulcrum.

Thats all for now :D