Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bladerunner Buildings WIP part IV

Here are the renders of the right half of the street completely modeled, textured, lit and rendered. I used mental ray to render. Its only my first pass at a final render, so there are plenty of tweaks that are still needed, but its starting to look really nice.

Bladerunner Buildings WIP part III

Here is the set with more neon lights, and more buildings modeled and textured.

Bladerunner Buildings WIP part II

Here are is the first completely textured and lit building of the scene.

This is the building I initially completed before realizing I wanted to update it and create more.

Bladerunner Buildings WIP

These are the preliminary stages for a set I am working on for myself. I am a very big fan of SciFi, so I decided to make a Bladerunner themed city block.

Bus Stop Set (Making of)

These are some shots of the scene with wireframe and ambient occlusion.

I also turned the bump map down on a few things from the previous images.

Bus Stop Set

For a solo project at school we had to make a short movie (a minute or two) by ourselves. This was my first real environment set. It turned out pretty well. I, of course, see some things I would change. But all in all I was very pleased with how it turned out.

Here are a few still of the set:

This was the establishing shot from the short.

The Couch Rig

Over the summer of 2010 I modeled a character to practice rigging on. The rig will be what I use to animate for my animation reel, if I ever decide that I want to end up making that.

This is a still of the Robo_Rig_v1.0 as I've titled it.

After I started rigging him I decided I wanted to have him jump onto a couch on a sequence in the robot's apartment. To make the couch squash and stretch and move in the cartoony way I wanted, I decided to rig a simple couch I modeled. I went a little extreme with its emotional range. But I suppose an expressive rig is a good thing, haha. Even if its a couch. Well anyway, here it is:

Animation in Maya part II

These are two separate stages from my heavy lift.

This is the blocking stage.

This is the same lift brought into spline mode.
Its in need of another few passes and polishing, but its getting there.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Animation in Maya

In an early Maya class, we had to model, rig, and animate a character. The animation was inspired by the extremely buggy computers teamed up with the buggy copy of Maya 2009 our school labs had.
The above video has a flickering artifact at the bottom. There was some sort of glitch rendering, or possibly doubled topology. So my apologies.

This is a sidestep from a character animation class in CG. Its a very cautious step, presumably over a crack or some other sort of dangerous obstacle.

CG Poses

These poses were assignments from Advanced Animation in Maya. We would receive an emotion, and using the AndyRig we were supposed to convey that emotion.

Hmm... I thought there were more..

Drawing for Animation

These are some short videos from Junior year in Drawing for Animation 2
I rather like them, so decided they were worth sharing.

This was our first assignment. "The Walk and Sit" As you can imagine it involved a character walking and then sitting. So that's what i drew. As you can see it is only a pencil test, but its still very clear.

The second video was another assignment from the same class called "the Ball Roll." We had to position a ball, with a character on top of it, on a half pipe. The character then rolls the ball down the half pipe.

Our final assignment was a lip sync, I have yet to re-shoot it. So when I do I will post it when it is found.