Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New job.

I recently moved to Los Angeles with my girlfriend to both find jobs in the animation industry.  Not only did we both find one only a month after moving to LA... but now we both work for at John K. Enterprises, for none other than John Kricfalusi!!! :D 

He initially was looking for technical help.... well he got that and more! Cuz now Sarah is doing Ink and Paint for him and working as his Photoshop assistant (creating brushes and other fancy things). I am working as his technical administrator basically.  I manage his servers and networks as well as other odd jobs like editing animatics and soundclips and other geeky stuff that I love doing! When I'm not doing random technical jobs he has me experiment with some of his ideas in CG.

Here's a quick sample of what he's been having me do in CG.
(Stimpy ready for rigging.)

(Huckleberry Hound bubble bath toy)

(First pass at Pharmacy in Comic Book Day)

(Beginning stages of George Liqour's car)

That's all for now.  Once I render more stuff I'll put up more pictures of cool stuff :D

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  1. Awesome! :D I really like Stimpy, its so cool to see something that isn't symmetrical