Thursday, January 5, 2012

Batmobile Work in Progress

Its 2012 and I have decided to finally post on my blog again.  One of my resolutions being to post here more often.  Another is to make more art (3D, 2D, Sculpting, whatever...)  so these resolutions should go hand in hand fairly nicely.

Anyway...  Let me just start this post off my stating that I love Batman.  He is a badass.  From Adam West to Michael Keaton, from Frank Miller to Batman: The Animated Series, he is the man.   With that being said, I saw a bitching Batman poster on Les McClaine's website  (the particual post was this! :D )   My friend and former classmate, Mike Wytrykus, had posted it on his Facebook.   After looking at it for sometime I noticed how cool the Batmobile in the Batcave was, and I wanted to model it!  I mentioned this to Mike and he said "Do it!"  I hadn't really had a chance to model anything outside of work for quite a while, so I definitely wanted to give it a go.

I started modeling fairly quickly after Mike posted it.  But of course, things quickly ate up my free time to model.  I finally had a chance to do some preliminary textures, and rendered out a WIP turnaround last night!  And as I mentioned before I am trying to post more often, so I figured this was as good a time as any!

Here is the first textured render of the car.  Its mostly just shaders, aside from the Batman symbol. I need to make it a little less pitch black, I think, as some of the body lines are harder to read than I was expecting.  But no worries I rendered an occlusion pass as well.  ;D

This is the AO pass.  I multiplied this over the previous video to see what the model looks like so far with AO, but it is so dark already it was even harder to see the model. So I made them separate videos.

Since the videos are a little low res, I posted some higher res pictures below along with the Les McClaine drawing I based it off of.

Anyway, I guess that is all I have to say about this for now. But as this post's title states, this is a WIP.  So I still have more to do.  The modeling on the car is almost done, just have to work on the ass of the car and tweak some proportions to make it a little more cartoony.  After that I will make a little platform for it in the style of the Batcave! :D  Got plenty to do, but its been extremely fun to try and get this design down in 3D space so far, and there's still more to come! 

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